12 Retiring Address Quotes to Bring into 2019

Throughout our time in FFA it is almost 100% determined that we will hear a retiring address at one event or another. Maybe you’ve heard some from a chapter officer retiring or your agriculture teacher has played a few in class, each way we are familiar with what they are. Retiring addresses can be some of the most heartwarming and inspirational speeches you’ll ever hear. We pick and choose our favorites based off of maybe the purpose, a story that speaks to us, or we just like the speaker.

After sitting down and watching thirty-six retiring addresses from the 2012-13 officer team to those that retired this past year I have found something in common. Although each message is extremely different there is a common message of passion, purpose, and love. I have narrowed these thirty-six amazing speeches to twelve. These twelve quotes are something I believe that every FFA member, and well every person should hold true to them as they go through this coming year. If you can find the time I do recommend watching each one of the ones listed, and all the others available. “Good leaders follow even better leaders.” Here are my “12 Retiring Address Quotes to Bring into 2019.” (Click on the photo to go to the video)

“We can spend our entire lives trying to achieve the things that we want and desire only to realize that once we have them we don’t want them anymore.”
— Clay Sapp
“What games are you playing? What prizes are you after? It will not last. Our greatest joy in life can’t be earned. And it starts when we realize that.”
— Kalie Hall

Every action we take is a lesson for somebody else to learn.
— Jason Wetzler
One loss should not be enough to stop you. One win should not be enough to satisfy you.
— Mitch Baker

Some days we’ve really just got to take a deep breath, open our eyes and seek out the smallest details that could turn any ordinary day into an extraordinary day.
— Ruth Ann Myers
It’s important for us to find that good community of people who will challenge us to be our best, but it’s so much more valuable for us to find that group that we can invest in.
— Stephen McBride

Too often we don’t view life as a journey. Instead, we view it as a race, we’re rushing towards some goal or bitter from what life has thrown at us thus far. And the whole time we’re missing out on the joy along the way.
— Abbey Gretsch
Whoever you are, you should be all you, all the time. Whoever you are, you are the one and only you that has ever been or ever will be.
— Nick Baker

Each of us are given one canvas, one life that we get to turn into a masterpiece.
— Valerie Earley
Others are worth caring about. Living for ourselves is absolutely nothing to fulfill us.
— Victoria Harris

What you do every single day not only impacts your story, but either adds or takes away from the story of others. When we realize that this life isn’t all about us, that is when we truly begin living.
— Gracie Furnish
Grab your jacket and hold it up, FFA members when slipping on your left sleeve remind yourself that there is always something left to know. Know the Gap. When slipping on your right sleeve remind yourself, hey I may believe I’m right but that doesn’t mean that I can’t stop and take the time to embrace the differences between us. Embrace the gap. When zipping up our jacket this will help us to visualize what it looks like when two sides come together with all their differences in and out of the jacket. Love the gap.
— Breanna Holbert

Let me just say how difficult it was to narrow down this list to only twelve quotes. If you want to be inspired or feel all warm and fuzzy in your heart listen to all the retiring addresses you can, it will not be a waste of time. I hope you take these quotes and apply them to your life as we start this new year. From all of us at Everything Agriculture “Have a safe and Happy New Year.”

-Lisandra Mejia

Vice President and Writer for Everything Agriculture

(All photos came from the youtube video of the Retiring Address.)

Thank you, Shelby, Max, Grayson and Daniel for your help and support in the creation of this article.