Intro to Agriculture: The Basics of Agriculture


To start off the Introduction to Agriculture series, I’m going to start off with an introduction to the purpose of this series. I have taken the “CTE Course Blueprint of Essential Standards for AU10 Agriscience Applications” and used it as a structure and guideline for the posts in this series. While this is the curriculum created by North Carolina Public Schools, the topics are still widespread and the information is still essential to agricultural students. Through this series we will cover FFA, SAE, plants, animals, environmental science, and agricultural engineering. Sources for this information and activities vary by each post. A majority of the information comes from my agriculture teacher, since she is the one that has taught me 99% of all things agriculture I know (shoutout to The OWL). I am not in ownership of the activities that are throughout the series, and I will credit all credit to where it is due. This is just an opportunity for me to provide this information that I have obtained, for free, online, and easy access for anyone to use as needed. I hope you enjoy learning about agriculture and find it beneficial!

-Lisandra Mejia

Vice President and Editor for Everything Agriculture