Agriculture From Coast to Coast

Alabama-  Alabama is 2nd in broiler (poultry)  production in the nation.

Alaska- There are 762 farms in Alaska.

Arizona- Yuma, Arizona is the winter lettuce capital of the world.

Arkansas- Arkansas ranks 1st in the nation in rice production.

California -California produces more than 400 animal and plant commodities annually

Colorado- There are over 1 billion eggs laid in Colorado each year.

Connecticut- Connecticut has over 70,000 acres of land devoted to shellfish farming

Delaware- 41% of Delaware’s land is used for farming.

Florida- Florida is responsible for producing 63% of the nation's citrus production

Georgia-One in seven Georgians works in agriculture, forestry or related fields.

Hawaii-  Hawaii ranks sixth in the nation for tree nut sales.

Idaho- Idaho is the #1 producer of potatoes in the nation making up 30% of the nation's potato production.

Illinois- Illinois is the #1 producer of soybeans in the nation producing over 560,000 bushels.

Indiana - Indiana produces the most ducks in the country.

Iowa- Iowa is the #1 producer of corn in the nation producing over 2.7 billion bushels.

Kansas- Kansas is the #1 producer of wheat in the nation producing over 467 million bushels.

Kentucky- Kentucky is the #7 state in broiler chicken production, also Kentucky has a big equine industry employing over 40,000 people.

Louisiana- Louisiana is one of the top producers of sugar and rice, also Louisiana leads the country in crawfish production.

Maine- Maine leads the nation in wild blueberry production and is 2nd in maple syrup production.

Maryland- Maryland has one of the top poultry industries in the country selling over 300 million broiler chickens.

Massachusetts- Massachusetts is one of leading state of Greenhouse and Nursery.

Michigan- Michigan is one of the country's top producers of apples, blueberries and cherries also Michigan is one of the country's leading producers of sugar beets.

Minnesota- Minnesota is the country's leader in sugar beet production, producing over 34% of all sugar beets of the United States. Also Minnesota produces the most turkeys in the country.

Mississippi - Mississippi is the number one state of catfish and also one of the top states in sugarcane and rice production.

Missouri - Missouri accounts for 6% of the soybeans and rice produced in the United States.

Montana - In Montana the average ranch is over 2000 acres big.

Nebraska - In Nebraska 1 in 4 jobs are agriculture related.

Nevada - Nevada has over 5.8 million acres of ranches.

New Hampshire -Milk and greenhouse/nursery crops account for more than half of the state’s agricultural sales receipts.

New Jersey- New Jersey produced over 63 million pounds of bell peppers in 2016.

New Mexico- Roughly 10,000 families have cattle in New Mexico.

New York - New York had one of the most diverse agriculture industries in the country.

North Carolina -There are more pigs than people in North Carolina.

North Dakota - 90% of all land in North Dakota is used in the agriculture industry.

Ohio- Ohio is the number one producer of Swiss cheese in the country.

Oklahoma - Oklahoma is the 5th leading state for beef production.

Oregon - Oregon is the number one state for Christmas tree production.

Pennsylvania- Almost 70 percent of Pennsylvania’s farm income comes from livestock product sales.

Rhode Island- 8.2 million oysters are harvested each year from Rhode Island.

South Carolina- Agriculture produces $42 billion dollars annually for South Carolina.

South Dakota- Every year 3 million acres of wheat are planted.

Tennessee- There is more of variety of trees in Tennessee than any other state

Texas- Agriculture employs one out of every seven working Texans

Utah- Beef makes up 69%  of Utah’s farm cash receipts

Vermont- Vermont is the largest hay-producing state in New England.

Virginia- The average farm size in Virginia is 179 acres

Washington- Making up 70% of apple production for the Nation, Washington is the top producer in the nation.

West Virginia- 95% of the farms in West Virginia are family owned

Wisconsin- Wisconsin is ranked first in cheese and cranberry production.

Wyoming-  Wyoming is the headwater of four major water drainage basins.