Dog Training Education

            If you are involved in small animals or dog events, like shows, then you know that training a dog is likely one of the most difficult and overlooked part of owning a dog. This part is especially difficult if the owners aren't familiar with dog behavior and understanding. Lack of understanding can lead to animal abuse, fear, and abandonment. 

            But do not fear! There is a curriculum for schools around America teaching young students how to understand the general behavior of dogs. The curriculum started in Livingston, Louisiana in the year 2008. The organization known as the Continental Kennel Club (CKC) started the curriculum with 10 Louisiana teachers and watched it spread across the country. 

            The curriculum itself only has one level, but the CKC is currently working on a second level. In the first level, the students will first learn about simple subjects like the history and anatomy of dogs as well as safety for dog handlers. Then, they will learn to understand dogs more by learning about their posture, gestures, stress signals, along with their development of going from a puppy to a dog. Dogs’ health is a short yet very important part of the lesson, where students learn about proper nutrition, how to properly restrain dogs, and vaccinations that are beneficial to dogs. Lastly, students learn about dogs’ behavior and basic training techniques including the intro to training and ending with positive methods of training. This curriculum is great for students who plan to be involved with dogs or similar animals, but most people plan on owning a dog or pet and it is necessary for them to understand what their jobs are as an owner to their companion.